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My husband and I recently bought lumber, wood stain, sealant, screws, molding, wood putty, wood glue, and everything else we need to make a desk.

I’ve been hunting for a good desk for a few months with no luck. I need a place to do my art, write my ramblings…

Let me tell you my woes. I’ll attempt to keep it quick so I don’t become one of those dreaded food bloggers. You know the ones. The one where you want a recipe but instead they tell you about the time cousin Sue from back home came over and by…

I’m a 28-year-old cis, bisexual female. I have a figure some might call buxom and others call curvy and yet others call fat. I have medium-length brown curly hair and sage green eyes. I have a rescue doggo named Maximus Decimus Meridius, a cat named Winston Purrchill, and a guinea…


I’m a 20 something escort married and living in Phoenix, AZ. These are my stories.

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