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My husband and I recently bought lumber, wood stain, sealant, screws, molding, wood putty, wood glue, and everything else we need to make a desk.

I’ve been hunting for a good desk for a few months with no luck. I need a place to do my art, write my ramblings, and update my websites. I’ve been doing it all from my bed or sofa lately and it’s been bad for my back. The trouble was, everything I found was just wrong for me. Some were way too large for apartment living or they were ugly or not my style or…

Let me tell you my woes. I’ll attempt to keep it quick so I don’t become one of those dreaded food bloggers. You know the ones. The one where you want a recipe but instead they tell you about the time cousin Sue from back home came over and by the time you get to the actual recipe you. are. so. done.

I love to cook. Honestly, when I started toying with the idea of writing, I tossed around the titles “The Homemaking Whore” and “The Cooking Hooker.” (NGL, I actually prefer the latter, but it keeps me restricted to…

I’m a 28-year-old cis, bisexual female. I have a figure some might call buxom and others call curvy and yet others call fat. I have medium-length brown curly hair and sage green eyes. I have a rescue doggo named Maximus Decimus Meridius, a cat named Winston Purrchill, and a guinea pig named Bernard Oliver Pennington. I’m married to a wonderful man who loves me just the way I am. I’m also an escort.

I’ve been considering writing stories about my life plus tips and tricks on household content as well as recipes for quite some time. I’m finally here. I’m…


I’m a 20 something escort married and living in Phoenix, AZ. These are my stories.

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